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About Cusco

Cusco Subaru Impreza GRBCusco suspension are one of the premier suspension tuners in the World. They have extensive experience in GT, Formula, and World Rally Events. They design not only suspension and chassis components, but engine tuning, and more. They offer parts such as spoilers, intake systems, chassis under reinforcements, and limited slip differentials.

For the Subaru enthusiast, they offers a wide variety of components to complement and enhance the performance of your vehicle. They draw on their extensive experience racing Subaru Impreza WRXs in Japanese GT Races and World Rally Championship races. With such experience, They will remain as one of the top tuners in the world for Japanese vehicles.

Co-ordSport are the UK and EU distributor for Cusco parts. If you are interested in purchasing Cusco parts or would like to open a trade account, contact us today.

Cusco Chassis Reinforcement (Strut Braces, Roll Cages, Bars)

Cusco Strut Brace on an Evo X

Do Strut Braces Really Work?Cusco offer a range of chassis reinforcement parts to minimise the amount of roll experienced when cornering, as well as improve the stability of vehicle and increase the effectiveness of the suspension. The parts are easy to install and Cusco offer a range of parts such as as anti-roll bars, strut braces, power braces and more for a large range of applications including Impreza, Evo, Toyota and Honda cars.


Cusco Limited Slip Differentials (LSDs)

Cusco LSDFitting a Cusco LSD will help you put more power to the ground when you drive. With an LSD, the vehicle becomes more stable and controllable, making it safer. This will decrease lap times, no matter what skill level you are. An LSD is an absolutely essential item from beginners to professionals when there is aggressive driving involved.

Cusco offer 3 types of LSD to suit your driving style. All types include Cusco LSD oil to help lubricate the parts and improve their longevity.

Bring Back the Sportiness with an LSDType-RS is the most popular type, the Type RS does makes virtually no snapping noises during normal turns. This LSD system wears down very slowly, and is known for its long lasting qualities. As soon as the throttle is pressed, the LSD system can be felt, operating like it's supposed to.

The Type-MZ LSD, is simpler compared to the Type-RS, the pricing is a lot easier on the wallet as well. This model is a must for those who want to customize the sensitivity of their LSD.

Pro-Adjust LSD is recommended towards motor sports enthusiasts and shop owners. Although the Type MZ and Type RS can be changed to 1.5 or 2 way by switching the internals, the sensitivity of the Pro Adjust LSD can be changed in very precise and in small increments. Enabling the LSD to be changed according to the race track characteristics.

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Cusco Coilover Kits

cusco-coilover-buttonCusco Coilover Suspension KitCusco coilover kits are not only for lowering the vehicle, making it look good, but help to improve the performance. The kits feature full rust-proof spec with stainless materials in adjusting parts to improve the longevity of the parts. Cusco offer a range of coilover kits to suit your needs.

ZERO-1 is the fully threaded coilover kit with non-adjustable damping rate. Mainly targeting on comfortable ride, but also aiming for sporty driving. ZERO-2 has 5 stage adjustable dampers, providing a comfortable ride and also can be tuned to suit the condition in circuit tracks. ZERO-2R race-spec, is suitable in any situations from city to the circuit track. The Comp-S and Compact-S kits for compact cars are delivered with the most recommended height and damper rate, good for the beginners.

The ZERO-2E has every feature you could need. From adjustable dampening to adjustable height, this fully threaded kit is rust-proof and with the E-Con control unit, the dampening rate can be adjust from the driver's seat.

Cusco Price Lists / Vehicle Fitment Lists

Downloadable price lists:

xls - Cusco 2015 Retail Price List (.XLXS)

**Prices change regularly and as such, may not be accurate, please check our website for up to date prices**

Here you can view the Cusco parts available for the vehicles listed below:

 - BMW MINI Cooper S (R53: 2002-2006)

 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4, 5 and 6 (CN9A: 1996 on / CP9A: 1998 on)

 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7, 8 and 9 (CT9A: 2001 on)

 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 (CZ4A)

 - Subaru Impreza GDB (2000 - 2007)

 - Subaru Impreza GRB (2007 on)

 - Suzuki Swift - (ZC11S / ZC21S / ZC31S: 2004 on)

For other vehicles that are not listed, get in touch with us or view the online catalogue.

Cusco LSD Guides

pdf - Cusco LSD Guide - (PDF)

pdf - Cusco LSD MZ Instructions - (PDF)

pdf - Cusco LSD RS Instructions - (PDF)


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