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Over the past few months our Porsche calibration team here at COBB has spent a great deal of time on the dyno with our shop 2016 Porsche Macan S. Their time has largely been spent refining existing Off The Shelf Maps and continuing to learn more about the platform in general. In doing this, we have learned a lot about the torque control strategy implemented in the Macan's ECU. Our calibrators have successfully been able to utilize more of a standard target boost control strategy on the vehicles which in turn allows a significant gain in power along with simplified tuning sessions. Our original implementation uses an airflow based torque control strategy that was very time consuming to make adjustments in. For now, the main benefit is a power increase for exisiting tunes. In the future, this simplified tuning strategy will help to simplify tuning sessions for COBB Certified Protuners.

Accessing the updated maps is straight forward! Simply connect your Accessport to your computer using a USB cable and utilize our Accessport Manager software to perform a firmware update. See below for firmware update instructions.

cobb graph1



The dyno graph below shows the significant gains seen on our shop Macan S with an updated v202 OTS map.

Red - Stock Calibration
Green - COBB v102 Stage 1 93
Blue - COBB v202 Stage 1 93

The v202 pull makes approximately 60 ft-lbs additional torque and 30 additional horsepower right at 2400 RPM. This gain is seen through the low-mid range and tapers towards very similar peak horsepower when compared to v102 maps.

cobb graph2


The Macan Turbo sees power come on a bit earlier and pushes to approximately 20 additional horsepower on the big end. 


2017 Porsche Macan S w/ COBB Stage 1 Tune - One Take Video 

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ARP, theARP Box - For Illustration Purposes Only world leader in fastener technology has developed some new bolt kits for Porsche and Ford Cosworth YB applications:

Now available for the Porsche 911 and Ford Cosworth YB applications, ARP flywheel bolts feature and exclusive flat 12 point head design and a larger than stock shank diameter for increased strength and improved flywheel register. Optimum design, enhanced reliability and increased strength are the main attributes of ARP’s Pro Series flywheel bolts.

Also released is the main bolt kit for the Porsche 996. All ARP 8740 main bolts are centerless ground, heat treated prior to thread rolling and machining, and are nominally rated at 220,000 psi.

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